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Ram Industrie is a company founded in 2002 to produce and distribute sliding rails and sliding systems exclusively. Today we occupy an area of 5000 square meters. and our products are distributed worldwide.

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These drawers for many years, didn’t slide on the drawer rail but derived grooves beside the furniture. With time the sliding of wood on wood causes an increased tolerance and the drawer swayed in its premises.

drawer rails

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This drawer rails were produced in plate and plate and positioned inside the furniture, making a simply sliding and particularly confer a long life instead in the drawer and in the furniture. Drawer rails are produced by drawer guides that they can also be with sliding bearing balls. Sliding bearing balls are more precise and confer to the slide a major period. Drawer guides are mounted simply than the drawer rails that needs more experience and professionalism.

This drawer rails can be in aluminium and can have finishing in zinc. They are constructed in different dimension and trolley. In the industrial field, there are rails that support higher loads. These rails can be used in home and office. There are drawer rails for trolley of big range that are used to produce rails and automatic doors. They finds an application even in trucks for special use like shops, furniture, ambulance, road assistance. They are mounted on all materials. For fixing rails you can use screws. The problem has been resolved with drawer rails. Today, they are substituted with guides that are more simply to be mounted and the possibility to have many function like the motor and the push to open system.

Sliding drawer rails

In sliding drawer rails there are rails or ball slides that helps to delete the friction, in particular when the drawer is full. They are called sliding drawer rails but they are common rail guides. Rail guides or sliding drawer rails in the last year are substituted with a complex mechanism that completes the function of a drawer with a series of dispositions that are very appreciated by developers and from industry furniture. We refer to spring loaded and shock absorber and a blocking mechanism in closing or in opening and even  called push to open. Drawer rails are in steel with size and finishing depending on each other on the range that the rail have to have. There are sliding drawer rails in plastic  that are being used in furniture with low phase, meanwhile the high or medium phase are used materials like aluminium and for special wheels in plastic and steel. Sliding door rails are used to open drawers to make the horizontal rail slides and are used  in furniture industry and mechanical industry.

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