Heavy duty drawer slides

From 2002 we deliver heavy duty slides with a range till 400kg: choose the right slides from the catalogue and order now!



Ram Industrie is a company founded in 2002 to produce and distribute sliding rails and sliding systems exclusively. Today we occupy an area of 5000 square meters. and our products are distributed worldwide.

Heavy drawers? Choose our slides!

When the weight that a guide has to sustain becomes particularly dangerous, we have to be very careful in choosing the heavy-duty drawer slides. A guide for drawer with a weight of 15/20 kg that can be normal, it can’t be used for a shop drawer, that has to support a weight of 150 or 60 kg.

heavy duty drawer slides

Our strength

Wide range

The world's largest range of sliding guides available for immediate delivery


From  3 kg to 400 kg capacity, from 60 mm to 1500 mm long

Fast delivery

Worldwide delivery in 24 hours

By the time these slides are mounted on trolleys or on trolleys on wheel, we have to be very careful to the risk of roll over, if we open 2 or 3 drawers at the same time. In this case, we have an anti-roll over device that doesn’t allow the opening at the same time. In our range we have heavy duty drawer slides from 80 kg to 400 kg. The closed height is from 250 cm to 1500 cm. They are demanding in function of the load necessity and height. In the Ram catalogue we have a lot of heavy-duty drawer slides. The heavy-duty drawer slides are those drawers placed inside the internal technic furniture for shops and for lorries and trucks staging for funritures maintanance. The fixing comes with sliced screws and big rivets to last longer. For iron drawer, they will use headed screws of 8mm. Meanwhile on a drawer at only 6mm. They are guided where it’s possible to ever use fixing hooks to part of the furniture and drawer.

The slides of Ram industrie srl are slides for heavy drawer slides, but those invisible ones don’t have a sufficient range. Sometimes this heavy-duty drawer slides are part of ball bearing slides that for their characteristics they have a range capacity superior than the guide on wheels or the invisible slides.

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