Sliding drawer rails

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Ram Industrie is a company founded in 2002 to produce and distribute sliding rails and sliding systems exclusively. Today we occupy an area of 5000 square meters. and our products are distributed worldwide.

Sliding drawer rails are loyal to my drawers

The drawer slides are inside the furniture, because it’s been put on 2 slides. These slides are being called with the name sliding drawer slides. In our furniture field, they are constructed to be mounted even on metal and on plastic.

Sliding drawer rails

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When this sliding drawer rails are used on plastic, it is necessary for the weight to be supported, when reduced. When the tracks are mounted on steel, we can have again the hooks for fixing quickly and they can sustain a higher weight. On the wood slide, they fixed with normal wood screws. Sliding drawer rails are divided in 2 families, the slide on wheel and the one is used in kitchen, in rooms and toilet. The ball bearing slides can be used in industrial field because they sustain a major weight. Those on wheel are in simple extension; those on full extension on wheel, till some year it’s on the market, there are disappeared, substituted with sliding drawer rails. Sliding drawer rails with full extension are only ball bearing slides that can reach a range of 200 or more kg. For some years, they are used in shock absorber version. The success of this slide is based on the drawer that closes even when joined without making noise. An example of sliding drawer rails, very common to even those push to open device because it helps the drawer even without handle or knob. These slides are produced in various measures either for the height and for the profile dimension. The range falls by increasing the height and the profile dimension. Sliding drawer rails are used up till a height of drawer on the sliding rail of 60 to 70 cm. After that measure, it’s certain to have a device that stabilizes the peel to avoid the blocking closure.

Heavy duty drawer slides

Drawers, big drawers and sliding rails have different function and use. The kitchen drawers have to support a large load. Big drawers are being put down to be able to contain pots and pans, they have to be very big and have to have a heavy-duty drawer slide. Sliding drawer rails in mechanical aspects can have the necessity for mounted drawers on heavy duty drawer slides that supports the heavy loads. Heavy duty drawer slides, you can produce for bar tables and fridge, where they normally put bottles and cans. This tables are made of stainless steel and even the drawers are made in the same material: it’s certain that these drawers that are high, that can contain a lot of bottles and cans. It’s necessary to have heavy duty drawer slides that have all the guarantees made from a guide pillow. Heavy duty linear guide can be in steel or stainless steel and they are made with different steel in drawer weight to sustain. In the table fridge, we always use ball bearing slides with full extension. These sliding drawer rails are used with cold iron in high pressure with cold rollers like every of our guides. In the big kitchen drawers, we use partial extension. There are heavy duty drawer slides with partial and full extension. In many cases, they have push device. The heavy-duty drawers are mounted even in kitchen pillar of big dimension that needs a strong support.


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