Wooden drawer slides

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Ram Industrie is a company founded in 2002 to produce and distribute sliding rails and sliding systems exclusively. Today we occupy an area of 5000 square meters. and our products are distributed worldwide.

Right wooden drawer slides

The world of furniture and of wood are the sector where the slides are used, even if how we said even the mechanical industry is used like a component of the products in many fields of application, the wooden drawer.

Wooden drawer slides

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From  3 kg to 400 kg capacity, from 60 mm to 1500 mm long

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The wooden drawer slides are particularly used in children’s rooms and in a kitchen. All necessary slides of an item of furniture has the urge of a wooden drawer slides even if in many cases, the drawers are in metal or in plastic. Usually the fixing of wooden drawer slides on the furniture shoulder is by the side, but sometimes, you have the necessity to position the guide in horizontal way under the drawer, even if in this case we have to consider that the guide has ¼ of the declared range. On the plastic drawer, we will use rivet to not press them with too much pressure to not damage the cut. For the fixing of wooden drawer slides, we never use the rivets. Choosing the right product that we have to us, it’s not a simple thing, because the offered range from the market is very wide. The field of application is very important, for the room we usually use wooden drawer slides on wheel, but if you want a wanted product, we will prefer the invisible guide. In kitchen we use the bumper with guide, that the height changes based on the function, that the drawer is destined to, in fact if we have to put some bottles, we need a higher drawer. Obviously, we have to consider the weight of the wood drawers, that they have to sustain and the deep press of the furniture in which the drawers will be mounted on.

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