Pull out pantry cabinet slides

Find out the best pull out pantry cabinet slides to help the weight of your kitchen pillar: choose and receive in 24h.



Ram Industrie is a company founded in 2002 to produce and distribute sliding rails and sliding systems exclusively. Today we occupy an area of 5000 square meters. and our products are distributed worldwide.

Our pull-out pantry cabinet slides help to sustain the weight of any kitchen pillar!

The kitchen pillar can be 2 meters tall and inside have different sections to contain bottles, small domestic appliance, kitchen utensils etc. The kitchen pillar of small drawers is called even sliding rails.

Pull out pantry cabinet slides

Our strength

Wide range

The world's largest range of sliding guides available for immediate delivery


From  3 kg to 400 kg capacity, from 60 mm to 1500 mm long

Fast delivery

Worldwide delivery in 24 hours

You can open with pull out pantry cabinet slides, a kitchen pillar of big dimensions, they have a weight that can reach 2 meters per wideness of 40 to 50 cm; internally we can put jars, bottles and other items and kitchen appliance. The total weight of a kitchen pillar can be more than a 100 kg. To help to open and close in a secured way, a kitchen pillar of a big dimension, we can use pull out pantry cabinet slides. Pull out pantry cabinet slides can be made with ball bearing slides, inserted in the steel shell or guides made for this reason that they slide on wheel ball made with steel in teflon and other plastic materials. They can have recall with one or more spring and shock absorber. The mounting of this guide is normally on the bottom of the pillar with screws or bolts. On the pull pantry cabinet slides, a steel frame is applied in big dimensions, in which they are applied on metal wire basket or plan of support. All the pillar weight is supported from the guide. The superior part of the steel frame that passes the pull-out pantry slides, it’s necessary to position the guide stabilizer that can be even in the standard full extension of ball bearing slides: this slide doesn’t have the function to support any weight that is held from the lower guide, but it only has the function to stabilize the pillar to not make a side flag-waving once it’s opened.

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