Sliding drawer rails

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Ram Industrie is a company founded in 2002 to produce and distribute sliding rails and sliding systems exclusively. Today we occupy an area of 5000 square meters. and our products are distributed worldwide.

Our sliding drawer rails.

Sliding doors, tracks and drawers, have the function, because they have different rails. These guides can have different functions to adapt to every use. There are guides, on wheel and they are classified in function of their capacity to support heavier loads.

Sliding drawer rails

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This material is constructed in steel and with other materials. Sliding drawer rails have contributed to make a better period for the sliding drawers. Since the ‘50s, the drawers used to slide on wood with slides in wood and they slide in a way to create it on furniture.

This system was subject to function that provoked noise and it was destined to decay during the year. To offset what has been created of sliding drawer rails with reduced profile of 17 mm, that are being placed inside the groove and makes to do a valid operation of sliding drawer rails have during the time sensible evolutions wanted from designers and architects and partly request by the industry, we are in need of innovative and best products. That is how push sliding drawer rails and shock absorber were born and all the series of accessory to guide different functions or a better performance sliding drawer rails are made with different profiles, to support the drawer’s weight and they have to support it. For the drawers that have to support a big weight like shops drawer rails to those we use in our homes.

Sliding rails

The rails used in the sliding drawers and for sliding rails are called sliding rails and can be on ball and on wheel. In our assortment they easily are classified as sliding drawers, even if they have a universal use. Sliding rails can be used in many materials. We have to adapt the kind of hardware of the drawer with which they are made of. If the drawer is in wood, we will use mordant screw for wood, if in iron drawer we will use rivets or retro-reflecting screws. On iron drawer we even use a quick hook for fixing to the furniture, where we will make the cracks in the metal. The use of these rails is very large and they can be ball bearing slides or on wheel or drawer under slide. To fix these rails on plastic drawers we will use rame rivet. Sliding rails are divided into ranges, we will have the possibility to choose the right rail of our choice. If we want the closure to be silent, we have to choose shock absorber sliding rails. If the knob or handle is deleted, we use push to open system. These choices depend on the type of application that we have to do. If we have necessity, for the sliding rails to block when we have opened them, because the track support can help as work table, we should choose a rail with block. We will use a big range guide with an increased profile, if we have to slide a drawer of a work table. Eventually, if we have the need to go out from the space of the furniture, we can use sliding rail with increased opening.

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