Door slide for sliding doors

Find between our door slides for sliding doors between the best for your goals.



Ram Industrie is a company founded in 2002 to produce and distribute sliding rails and sliding systems exclusively. Today we occupy an area of 5000 square meters. and our products are distributed worldwide.

Find between our door slides for sliding doors between the best for your goals.

With many slides that are part of our assortment and that in the major part it is used in many fields and for many uses, there are some that are produced for a particular use and dedicated only for this. Now we are in front of the door slides for sliding door cases. In limited areas or for particular use, the cupboard cabinets in opened position, they create space and other problems.

door slide for sliding doors

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How can you resolve this problem? With a special product that joins the zip characteristics to the slides: door slides for sliding doors. The door slides for sliding doors enters in function with opened doors and they work together with zip. We open normally the door of our cabinet in a way to make it disappear completely inside it. When we will close again the cabinet, we can do it normally by doing the opposite operation. There are 2 different models: door slides for sliding doors for vertical cabinet and the horizontal cabinet and they are different for the type of the handle that supports it. Like the keyboard slides, the finishing that is more frequent of door slides for sliding doors is the zinc one, but they are produced even in black colour or sometimes in white kitchen cabinet. We need a joining handle that is sometimes made in wood and metal. Door slides for sliding doors are particular slides; they are different from the other slides because they have only a central element that slides in a mounted trolley on ball. Based on the material they have to be mounted, we use for the screws fixing of woods or retro-reflecting screws even if they are used in rivet or cube screw.

Door slides for sliding closet doors

Door slides for sliding closet doors, they have to be very big for the same slides made for the cabinets and even of the functioning is the same, their use is the one to make the closet doors to not disturb when opened. With this, we have the possibility to make their slides go inside and extend them to terminate the use. The door slides for sliding doors for rooms, they are partial extension while the living rooms are in full extension. In case the drawers have to contain clothes like socks, t shirt, it won’t be necessary to complete the drawer. When we have to put shoes, the full extension will be necessary. In office, we use door slides for sliding door for furniture. The door slides for closing closet on wheels are produced in different colours that can be grey, brown, white, silver and black. They are door slides for sliding closet doors with side bumper. The slides with bumper serves to protect against corrosivity. There are wood drawers in big dimension that they have beauty cabinet. In this case we can use the bigger slides, if the cabinet is even taller, it will be necessary with 2 slides for every cabinet. Sometimes, the door slides for sliding closet doors are correct between the wood or steel strip that synchronize the slides to make it not to be blocked in closing phase.

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