Sliding door rails

A variety without equal of a sliding door rail to meet all needs.



Ram Industrie is a company founded in 2002 to produce and distribute sliding rails and sliding systems exclusively. Today we occupy an area of 5000 square meters. and our products are distributed worldwide.

Our sliding door rails. We won’t have the disturbance of opened cabinets in the kitchen!

The kitchen rails or the cabinets might be inconvenient when they are opened. To resolve this problem there are sliding door rail, for which it’s possible to slide the door after they have been opened. These slides work in matching zips.

Sliding door rail

Our strength

Wide range

The world's largest range of sliding guides available for immediate delivery


From  3 kg to 400 kg capacity, from 60 mm to 1500 mm long

Fast delivery

Worldwide delivery in 24 hours

They are made in steel, but they can be in extruded aluminium. Sliding door rail in extruded aluminium with plastic wheel, that slides inside. The wheels are mounted on trolleys. The numbers of trolleys that slides inside the guides are variable in function of the guide’s weight. More the sliding door rails are long and more the trolleys contains the tires. They are even other components that are necessary to make them perfect. The sliding door rail are similar to sliding door guide, but they have a wide function in a big way. They can be used on drawer rail or cabinets. For the production of these slide you can use machines to deform the cold steel. Terminated the deformation process you can proceed to the necessary workings. Terminated all the workings you can proceed on zinc. For some sliding door rails, you can proceed to confer a finishing grade of more value. The producers of furniture and drawers in high range needs this type of finishing. We have a type of sliding door rail with particular form to make the trolley rail slide and when it’s finished, they can be added to the same rail. This movement is defined in a drawer of higher range.

Pocket door slides

This slid was designed especially for narrow spaces. They are a perfect solution for ships, roulette and camper. The cabinet slides are opened in a small space, cause of domestic accidents. Pocket door slides are even used in shop furniture with pocket door slides, we are able to put inside the cabinet in the slides, when we need to open it. When we have finished using it, we have to extract it again and close it normally. In campers, roulette, ships and mobile house etc. the space is limited. When we open the kitchen, we are victims of domestic accidents. That’s how pocket door rails switches head. For pocket door rails, we can gain many space in furniture, not only in kitchen but even in bedrooms and living rooms. In the bedroom we can use pocket door slides for the drawers and furniture. In the living  room they are very useful in furniture for television. Today, many designers and architects prefers to use invisible shock absorber or for beauty reason because they are simply to mount and they are silent in the function. The pocket door rail finds their place in producers contract for shipping furniture.



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