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Ram Industrie is a company founded in 2002 to produce and distribute sliding rails and sliding systems exclusively. Today we occupy an area of 5000 square meters. and our products are distributed worldwide.

Our sliding door slides, wide range for every use.

The sliding door slides have a slide on which it slides on a trolley with some pillow wheels in plastic or iron, so called sliding door slides. It has a component of different items to make adjustments. The ball bearing slides of Ram industrie srl, rarely can be substituted with this mechanism made for this reason.

sliding door slides

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Our guides series 85 and 73 are used even like sliding door slides. Tracks for sliding door are positioned on top, in this way it can slide to the front and back freely. For a beauty factor. We use black finishing. They have height equal to largeness of the door. Even if a door hardly passes 30 to 40 kg of weight and even if the door has a leaning wheel, for this guide we use our series 85 because a guide with inferior profile will be to side shifted. Sliding door slides are standard guides with full opening and ball bearing slides. The door is in plastic, wood and steel and our guides are suitable for these models. The fixing of door guides is made with sliced screw cube. The fixing must be made with caution because it uses a correct mounting depending on the good functioning of our tracks for sliding door. This is an article that we produce normally on client request because it always need personal characteristics. With tracks for sliding doors Ram industrie srl, we can resolve with easiness many problems of installation of sliding door slides, because there is not the necessity to have walled drawers and have bricklayers in the house.

Iron sliding door hardware

The sliding door slides are a good solution for many problems that we can meet when we have a need to join a door or in a small space, where the space is wide enough. There are wood sliding doors that are used in homes, but there are those that are for iron sliding door hardware that are used in technical furniture and shops. Iron sliding door hardware are used by blacksmiths and carpenters that use to fix not only with screws and knob, but directly on hardware. This operation gives to the manufacture a strength and major long lasting. Iron sliding door hardware if used outside like it usually does, they have to be protected by a galvanising procedure or painted and lobed up. They iron gates are very computerized and sometimes it happens that the iron sliding door hardware are ranged and don’t have recall device. The recall, if needed it’s made with external device. For the choice of the right iron sliding door hardware we have to think about the weight of the sliding door. The sliding guides can be used for iron sliding door of big dimension where the sliding door hardware can’t satisfy those needs. The advantage of the sliding door slides, instead of shifting cabinets consists in the simple mounting and a small cost. Iron sliding door hardware are used either vertical or horizontal way.

Glass sliding door hardware

Glass sliding door hardware are made from a circle form of a slide in steel and aluminium, on which they are applied on iron wheels in nylon or rubber to make it slide silently. For a correct function, we need tomorrow a series of accessory that we need as end running and to regulate on more guide axes. Glass sliding door hardware are used in carpenter’s shop. For the fixing we need screws, rivets and knobs. The manufacture is generally in glass. Glass sliding door hardware aren’t used outside, but when used, they have to be protected. The glass cabinets are very fragile; therefore, they have to pay attention in the mounting phase. The glass sliding door hardware are different from sliding door slides beacause the range capacity and rarely are push to open device then maybe cause damage to the glass cabinet. In the case of heavy cabinet, we use aluminium sliding door rail. Aluminium sliding door rail are being mounted even for glass sliding door hardware of big dimensions. In case the glass sliding door, hardware doesn’t confer the necessary guarantees of solidity, it’s preferable to use rails even if the mounting is faster and easier.

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