FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What do the loads indicated in the catalog correspond to?

They indicate the load supported by a pair of slides in the open position with the weight equally distributed inside the drawer. The load shown indicates the static capacity of the slides over a length of 400 mm. As the length of the slide increases, the load decreases proportionally.

What to do if the environment is dirty?

Using slides in a dirty environment in presence of dust and impurities can affect the correct operation of the slide, cause ingripping, and facilitate early wear. It is therefore recommended to keep always the workplace clean

What are the working temperatures of the slides?

Normal working temperatures are between - 20 ° C and + 50 ° C. Above these temperatures the correct functioning of the slides could not be guaranteed.

Do the slides need maintenance?

The slides are supplied already lubricated, which guarantees them an optimal lifespan. However, use under strict conditions (abrasive materials, high operating frequencies ...), a regular and systematic maintenance should be provided.

What to do if the drawer is hard to open?

This may be due to incorrect mounting of the slides. Check the smoothness of the slides before mounting and then make sure you are mounting correctly

Is there a minimum order?

No, there is no minimum order. We also ship only one pair of slides.

What are the delivery times?

Delivery times are 3-5 working days

Which courier do you ship the goods with?

The goods are shipped by GLS carrier

How can I make a return?

It is possible to return the purchased product within 14 days of receipt. To make the return, simply make a written request by email to ramindustrie@ramindustrie.it

How can I pay?

It is possible to pay by a bank transfer or Paypal payment or a credit card